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Streym applies a practical approach to resolving the challenges your IT services may create. We help you by creating IT solutions to maintain performance, increase productivity and increase the confidentiality of your data. We are trusted by a broad range of customers, both in the UK and internationally, to provide managed IT services for their business.

Our IT consultants can resolve complex network solutions, security risks, internal or external communications and application issues. WE provide a complete end-to-end service – an IT service designed to meet specific business objectives, not merely address individual IT components.

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The 2020 Problem

In 2020 all of the following software reaches the end of its life:

  • Small Business Server 2011

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Exchange 2010

  • Windows 7

  • Office 2010

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57 Minute Challenge

Would you pass or fail our 57 minute security challenge?

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GDPR Guide

What is the GDPR? How will it affect you? How can you prepare for it before May 2018?

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Proactive Support Guide

It’s about proactively preventing problems – not reactively fixing broken systems.

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Email Fraud Guide

Email security is your business’s new headache. They are targeting MDs, CEOs and other senior staff.

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Staff Productivity

Is poorly installed IT affecting your staffs productivity?

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What Is The Cloud?

Our guide to what the cloud is and how to use it in your business.

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Keeping Your IT From Aging

Our guide to keeping your IT in tip top shape.

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Is Your BYOD Risking Your Business?

Our guide to BYOD and how to reduce the risks.

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